Wonder Years is a small little “thing” I have imaged for some time now. I have many hobbies and love finding new ideas and projects. I wanted to start a “thing” where I can share my creativity with everyone. Anybody can be creative they just have to find out what drives them and what they are passionate about. 

Our slogan “Trades of the Past” means a lot to me for so many reasons. “Hand Made”  is a rare thing in todays world, everything is factory made. I think its important to keep the art alive…. Instead of buying a beautiful natural wood table from the antique shop, the average Americian would rather buy a plastic one for IKEA…. Why is this??? I would like to keep the history of trades alive and help people see the quality of hand made. Some of these trades have been passed on through centuries and is dying in ours…. There is something I just really love about getting my hands all up in it and creating something out of nothing. 

    There are a few parts to Wonder Years, so let me break it down for you. Wonder Years -Trades of the Past- is a Instagram “boutique” I guess you may call it where you can buy the things that we find or make….. Its never the same thing and the items will vary. You can find anything from vintage pearl snaps, hand made jewelry, refurbished furniture, one of a kind purses and anything I feel the need to sell! 

Second part, a small t-shirt company that is built off my doodle's and drawings or whatever comes to my mind. You can find these shirts on the SHOP page or check to see which stores carry them! They are available for wholesaling but keep in mind we are a SMALL time business so we don't always have things available. 

    The third part is the Blog… So many people i know write fashion blogs and I love them! Its such a good way to get to know someone and get inspired by others. A few friends told me to start a food blog and it got me thinking, I would get soo bored only talking about food! So this blog is about LIFE and whatever lemons it hands you. We will post about food, fashion, television, travel and anything that comes our way! If there are any certain topics you want to us to cover let us know! I won't be able to blog all the time but will do it whenever I am capable. 

Welcome to our Wonder Years!

  xo- Wonder Years